d Mina Najafi

who am i

Mina Najafi

Android Developer

Innovative Android Developer with nearly 2 years of experience in designing, developing, testing, who respects deadlines and the highest standards. Skilled at UI/UX, Architecture, MVP, Web Servicses (retrofit - most of apps was online), Native , debugging.

Interested in finding problems and presenting solutions, quick learner, eager to learn new skills and face new challenges. Like team work and also able to work on projects and researches independently too.

  • Name Mina Najafi
  • Telegram @minajafi
  • Email Minanajjafi@gmail.com
  • Phone +9302416276

professional skills

  • Android

  • Java

  • UI/UX

  • MVP

  • MVVM

  • Web services - retrofit

  • Design Pattern

  • Data Base - Realm

  • Debuging and Testing

  • Git

  • php/mysql

  • python

  • mongo DB

  • Lucene

  • AVR

  • Algorithm

  • Data Structure

  • Machine Learning

  • Html/css

  • Responsible

  • Creative

  • Multitasking

  • English eficiency

  • Agile and scrum



Android Developer - Appete

Oct 2016 - Current

  • Jan - Mar 2017 Bitpoul :

    Shows list of crypto currencies with the latest upward or downward price, plot recent price changes by hour, week or month, watchList tab that monitor selected coins price, Instruction section that introduce and describe about some coins, News section that shows the latest news about coins and notifications could be scheduled for price changes and the news.
  • Feb - Apr 2017 Relaxshid :

    Music Player where individuals can download the favorite album and tgey can mix the music with relaxtation sounds after subscription.
  • Jun 2017 Koolooche :

    Sound and text entertainement content-based app for kids.
  • Oct 2016 - current Avang :

    An Application for womans health .
  • Dec 2016 Dialog Lib :

    A dialog library that supports Queueing per context and handle scheduled showing and dismiss.
  • Dec 2016 UserBase Lib :

    Appte has been using ouath 2 and userbase is .aar module implemented authorization, refresh token and log out of client side.
  • Dec 2016 Notification Lib

  • Android Developer - Neurochallenge

    Sept 2015 - Nov 2015
  • Jun - Oct 2017 calme : An Application that plot attention and relaxtation values from recieved EEG signals of bluetooth headset during meditation or relaxtation musics.

  • Oct 2017 - Augmented Reality Neuro Game : EEG bluetooth headset detect blinking, i try to kill ghosts by blinking instead of clicking. (project stopped due to company policies)
  • July 2017 - Emotion App : Plot filterable emotions of EEG signal.
  • Freelance Android Developer

    May 2015 - Sept 2015

  • Jun 2017 - current Encryoted File Manager :

    A file manager with native AES-based encryption/decreyption module.
  • Jan - Mar 2017 Cinemaphile :

    A modern tv concept that crawl (written by python) over internet for movies and animations (tv serious and serials will be available soon) and user can see list of crawled data, details of every video, stream or download it.
  • Jun - Oct 2015 Pezeshk yar :

    Comprehensive information for Mashhad physicians and clinics.
  • Feb - Jun 2016 Phone pal :

    Phonepal will wipe phone, lock phone,, silent phone, change password, send phone location, play phone ringtone with high volume to find your phone If you receive the defined sms from a trusted number set before.
  • Nov 2016 Gym finder :

    Show nearby gyms according to user location, show gym info that allow user to send registeration request to a gym and online chat.
  • 2014 Konkoor app :

    An application to see konkoor result and recommand probable acceptable fields by comparing to previous accepted students, also you can registesr to recieve sanjesh news (RSS Reader).
  • University Projects

    Oct 2016 - June 2017
  • Neuromarketing App : App shows demo pictures about specified choosen product (bags ,cakes or ...) and shows value of user satisfication from analysing recieved EEG signals of user brain - Final Project - A++
  • Search App : Implementing search functionality with apache lucene - Basics of retrieving data and search web project - A
  • Paint App : I programmed wifi-module (Esp8266) and Atmega-32 with AVR and calculate crystal value that makes these circuite visible to each other finally used the phone as touch pad that send touched positions over TCP connection to wi-fi module and finaly Atmega-32 send them to show in Graphical Lcd - Microprocessor and assembly project - A
  • education

    Bachelor Degree – Shahrood University Of Technology

    Oct 2013 - June 2017

    I was graduated with B.S in Software engineering at Shahrood University of Technology under supervision of Dr.Pouyan. My final project was android app that connects to bluetooth EEG headset that app recieves row eeg signals then remove noises and classify them (we know every frequency band width so it was supervised learning). finaly plot humans feelings measurements like value of relaxtation, attention, appreciation, creativity , alertness , eTensity ,familarity ,yinyang, satisfying and ... for user. i was ACM member of university for annual Regional ACM contest. I learned Java and Android under supervision of Mohsen Biglari.

    Diploma – Farzanegan Neyshabur (Sampad)

    Oct 2005 - Jun 2013

    I got my diploma in mathematics.